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            Darlene Austin has traveled most every road that leads in and out of 16th Avenue since the day she arrived in Nashville, TN with all she owned in an old Cadillac. Its been a scenic trip and shes enjoyed every exciting turn of a winding career that made her a recognizable talent in the music arena.

            By the age of four, fate already had something in mind for Darlene. Her love of music surfaced as a child. Raised on a small Kansas farm with four brothers and two sisters, there was a captive audience that matured her showmanship at a young age. She tuned her talent singing old standard songs while her father played violin. Shell admit she was no doubt a tomboy.  Horses and softball got much of her youthful attention, but this pretty, pigtailed brunette also belonged to a tap and acrobat class that traveled her home state.  While in high school she sang at community events and with local bands. As this sunflower blossomed, she remembers learning the words to popular songs by spinning her Moms old wind-up record player and hiding the lyrics and poems she wrote in a locked up diary, where she dared to vision a future with bright lights.

            It may have all started with a dream, but when she left home at 17 to sing in a nightclub, it turned into an exciting career down a melodic road. Austin is a genuine original in her own right. She didnt inherit a family place in the spotlight, have a potent professional management team, or ride the power of a major label affiliation, but she still impressively surfaced on the pages of trade magazines, newspapers, television, worldwide airwaves and ballots, including a nomination and performance at the Academy of Country Music in Hollywood. All of her accomplishments have been self-styled and as unique as her sultry silken voice.

            The Nashville Network, WSMV-TV (NBC) and WSM Radio were open avenues to create her fan base. She also enjoyed appearances on the Hee Haw Show and the world famous Grand Ol' Opry. Austin has performed for the best and with the best in the entertainment arena:  Road shows, syndicated television and radio, national award nominations, producing sessions, benefits, publishing, recording albums, charted singles, song writing, have all left remarkable tracks along the trail.

            For many years fans have followed Austins musical journey along an ever-changing road to self discovery. The path she has traveled has been paved with passion and dedication. Along with extensive touring on the road, shes had 5 nationally charted singles and 4 albums to help carry her sound to the hungry public.

            The foreign release of her Holding On CD by Magi Records was another step in gathering more Austin fans in exciting new regions of the world. The overseas market welcomed her with open arms. This CD included songs that were previously charted singles in the USA. She received two entry level nominations for the 2001 Grammy Awards in the categories of Best Country Album and Album Of The Year and a European CMA nomination for Female Indie Artist of the Year. Darlene is co-writer and publisher of three songs on this album.

            Songwriting is just another way she translates her emotions. Austins country background mixed with R & B has given her a true style all her own, which also blends into the songs she writes. Darlene has been a staff songwriter for such worldwide publishing companies as BMG Music, Sony ATV Tree Music, and Cimarron River Songs. These firsthand experiences led to forming her own publishing companies, Vine Creek Music ASCAP and Many More Music BMI.  Many of the songs she has performed on television, radio, road shows and records have been her own creations. Currently songwriting is her main focus.

            Shes a passionate, fun loving person who cares deeply for the friendships and memories shes gathered through the years. Much success echoes in the air as we continue to embrace Austins soulful sound.

            2008 Austin Enterprises