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"Superb songs and singer." Scandinavian Country & Western Corporation (Denmark)
"As a writer, Darlene is a valuable talent.  And as a singer, she has so much soul it often hurts, yet she has sass in equal measure. I know we're three quarters of the way through 2000, but I feel I may have my first female of the millennium !" Country Music Round Up {England}
"This very strong album compares very favorably with the best of Nashville's top female singers. I thoroughly recommend it, it is a gem!" Southern Country Music Magazine {Graham Hassall/England}
"What can I say about Darlene's CD except "WOW". This is one hell of an album from a lady with a fantastic voice. Great lyrics and feel to the album makes this one CD that is going to get played to death on many radio stations across the country." Radio DGH {Mike Skipper/England}
"Darlene's  style is somewhere between country and middle of the road.  Her voice deserves recognition."  LYON 90.2fm {Jacque DuFour/France}
"Thanks for the Darlene Austin CD. What great voice and music. Truly a great production which has the level of a major product." Sheepfarm Magazine {Irene Schmidt/Switzerland}
"The enchanting voice of  Darlene gives us wonderful moments." SPITSRADIO {Belgium}
"Ten powerful songs performed to perfection by one of the most expressive voices in county music." Sounds Country Magazine {Pete Smith/England} 
"An authentic great country music artist!  It's a real pleasure and a natural thing to airplay this album, "Holding On" in our country music radio program."  Radio Birette 97.6 FM {Andre Leclerc/France}

Many of the overseas articles are written in foreign languages, so we did not add those to our selections, but we do want to thank all the media writers and radio for their support of Darlene's music.